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Optimize your physical training with O2score System



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 O2score System

O2score System is a nomad device allowing a direct and personalized of the monitoring of your physical recovery. Our solution allows you to scientifically monitor and improve your performance while lowering your risk of injury.

Physical training naturally generates oxidative stress at the cellular level. Our body constantly and naturally compensates for this kind of stress. Fatigue, injuries, poor performance are often the consequences of an insufficiency of our antioxidant defense mechanisms .

The O2score System technology is the result of a research and development effort by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Our system has been consistently validated "on the field" thanks to a long-term support coming from top-notch professional athletes, teams and coaches.

Just in 30 seconds, from a fingertip micro-drop of blood, you connect to you phone or tablet an electrochemical measurement that accurately quantify the "power" of your antioxidant defense system. Based on your antioxidant score, you can then judge your physical recovery state, adapt your training load accordingly and lower your risk of injuries.

"This unique technology makes O2score System the ideal and essential instrument to optimize its performance, prevent injuries and manage goal-oriented sports objectives. "

How to use the O2score System?